«Abstraction. Life inside the canvas». S. Kupriyanov

If 100 years ago abstract-art did not come up,
I've invented it!……

Sergey Kupriyanov

Abstract Art

In deference to the wishes of numerous friends, contemporary art lovers, friends, co- creative shop - art, namely, abstraction, I begin to write this book. It is not surprising that the idea originated in the thoughts of many art critics and artists - to write a book about abstract art in modern Russia.

First I would like specifically to cover all art from the period 1900 to the present day . But then I realized that there is not enough articles, books of art direction and I took the period from 2000 to the present day . When there were annual exhibitions of abstract art , when formed section of abstract art TSHR .

It seemed to me that the newest, freshest , interesting to the public. In any case not forgetting predecessors in the field of art abstraction - their vision , experience , judgment, conclusions.

As I became an artist ? Oh, it's an amazing event , my reader . It's a miracle . This divine command . I , who never studied painting , did not know what it is. Never painted , no more interested in painting as a spectator . Although as a child I collected from newspapers Kukryniksov pictures , pasted them in a notebook, with relish showing their friends and he sometimes dorisovyvaetsya fragments of their paintings.

In adolescence wanted to go to Leningrad Academy of Art . From 15 to 19 years every day went to the library and studied the works of great artists and then realized that I would paint , but was afraid to even think about it. Passion for art has passed unnoticed.

Next , my life has been subordinated to the business and once again business. But one day there was an amazing event. The first day I can neither eat nor sleep , the second day I can not eat . Week - do not eat , do not sleep . I thought I was sick. But felt great , despite that not sleep , did not eat . And , suddenly , the quiet inner voice : "Take a brush , paint, canvas and begin to paint ! " I was shocked , as I , who never in his life did not even draw ( except school drawing lessons ) , I'll paint on canvas . No, this is nonsense . Can not be ... But still ..... The next day I went to the store "Artist" on the Crimean shaft . I go , I look , I ask that one has to do a painting on canvas. Explained everything to me . I scored a bunch of canvases, paints, brushes , paints , etc. Brought it all home. Set itself the canvas, paints squeezed palette. Took a brush ..... and , oh! amazing! His hand began to write what that form spots , lines . Inexplicably supplemented this cacophony of color on canvas - point, roundels , which is unusual shape ... I am for what , three days immediately wrote 10 large canvases .

And poured song of colors and shapes . Surprisingly, I wrote at the same time easy to several still lifes, landscapes . They seemed so simple .... In fact , I chose the most difficult work of Van Gogh, Korovin , Levitan , Monet etc. But it was under the guidance of a wonderful teacher of painting Nikolaeva Evgeniya Nikolaevna. That's so funny and amazing events happened to me in the 21st century .

The process of creating abstract art is an abstraction from reality, mental discarding everyday problems , release and inner freedom.

Artist begins to work mental images on a white canvas , concentrating their feelings in the form of lines, spots , shapes, etc. Can I call it spontaneity in painting ? - Kind of .

All the same, there is a process of deliberation , there is the idea , but also in the abstract power . Artist - abstractionist in contrast to the simple artist thinks many times more . Abstraction - a movement of thought , a swarm of thoughts and emotions with their algorithm and dynamics unidentified .

Artist painting abstraction , clean as a child.

When I first saw paintings by Pablo Picasso , I was very scared and afraid to look at them. Over the years, I realized that Pablo Picasso painted the picture as they say , as do the children . But try to compare children's work and the work of Pablo Picasso and you wonder how they look like .

Observe how much abstraction in nature, in the context of the stone to the clouds in the sky , and when you look at the water in the river and see the algae - that's where the variety of abstraction , frozen icicles on glass , snow, rain, drops , etc. - Best artist on earth and in heaven - is God. We only likeness of God . Here prischurte eyes and all turn into abstraction.

Cognitive effects of abstraction causes a variety of associative images , fantasies , research. The viewer is looking at every abstraction that is their own, independent from the others.

Investing meaning in the word " Abstract ", most people take it as a distraction , vagueness , ambiguity , the explosion of the human imagination , splash human emotions , etc.

Abstract (from Lat . Abstractio - distraction) - essentially the reverse side of the moon, which mankind can not see , and see the real picture of the moon with its abstract reliefs, shadows , etc. How close to abstraction with reality! In our consciousness , in our logic, perception of reality. And the line between them is thin and inexplicably diverse.

Watching at our exhibitions " Abstract Art" for the audience reaction , I could not help asking myself what the viewer feels , feels , and how he sees , he likes the work of abstraction and why.

Why viewer comes and looks at abstraction what motivates them , what they want. On some of my questions answered paintings of great masters : Kandinsky, Malevich , shelves , Gorki , Klee , etc. More precisely, the viewer perceives the masters of abstraction , giving one or another characteristic of creative artists listed above . Untrained viewer does not go to the exhibition of abstract art , it is not interesting .

Curious spectator , modern, striving to enrich his palette perceptions and emotions - it's our audience .
Him we sing the hymn of abstraction.
We rejoice in him and we love him .

Abstraction compared to jazz improvisation . It sounds every professional work abstractionist in every stroke , line, spot ..... Departing from the main theme ( melody ) , turning into a cacophony on the canvas.

At one time, Kandinsky - great experimenter wrote his own opera " The Yellow Sound " , which was created as a sample embodiment of abstract art in music.

I ask myself a new question. I did not manipulate his abstract works viewer, I 'm taking is not it from reality to fantasy and creativity in the area of sensory perceptions . In the area of emotional turmoil ? And we must do it? Can super real picture the public wants ? Maybe it is necessary for it ? Well, why do people go to exhibitions of abstract art ?

So it's interesting im.Znachit diversity in art attracts them as diversity in nature : the sun, earth, water, fire, air , sky , etc. - Elements and abstract and concrete .

When I began to study the theory of abstract art , I gave myself four rules that the viewer perceives as looking at abstraction.


Виды абстракции в живописи

  • Abstract comparison and identification is a comparative characteristics of shapes, lines , spots, color of objects . The viewer is looking for something close to abstraction . Familiar.
  • Abstract unidentified . The viewer is looking for an unusual and unfamiliar , acquiring new knowledge , new associations of perception , new emotions , expanding the boundaries of his self-knowledge.
  • Abstract constructivism. Artist - abstractionist as an inventor, when he does the unexpected designs on canvas , sometimes violate all conceivable geometry of space , form and color.
  • Abstract of color sensations as color spots, stripes , contrast, color compatibility and vice versa , compatibility colors.

Specialists in the study of abstract art, abstract revealed several trends:

- Cubism
- Rayonism
- Neoplastitsizma
- Orphism
- Suprematism
- Systematism
- Tashizma
- Abstract Expressionism
- Geometric Abstraction

Abstract easily entered into the modern arts and crafts, furniture, fabrics , clothing, interior decoration and design. Watch for yourself and you'll be surprised how many items has the property of abstraction. Even if we take classical paintings, still on the canvas there are elements of abstraction.

Watching at exhibitions of abstract art for children who come with their parents. Children , unlike adults , do not ask what is depicted here . Children immediately saw and understood what is depicted . Amazing! But it is. That bring the child to the exhibition of abstract art and you'll discover a great deal. You'll see how to enrich your palette of colors perceptions painting , lines, shapes, etc.

Not accidentally Mark Rothko (Mark Rothkowitz - Russian artist, creator of a new direction " color field painting ") deliberately imitated paintings of children , child enjoying purity of consciousness.


Abstraction on a butterfly's wings

Awareness of the writing process of abstraction is hidden " in a cocoon of a butterfly ," not yet guided by the artist begins work on the product . But here's the first smear on a white canvas and melody flowed in the form of spots , lines, shapes , dots , etc. tireless energy and new undiscovered , like the flight of a butterfly.

Unfeeling abstraction does not happen. But as an artist on canvas express anger, joy , confusion , kindness, lyricism , violence , etc.? And expresses whether the artist actually feel? I think - yes, but not always. In here there is a greater degree of unawareness category . Someone says - you must enable logic. What kind of logic in the abstract ? ! . Big question. Here - antilogika , YES ! Antilogichna abstraction than written , so it is attractive.
Intuition . Intuition is probably close to the creativity in abstract art , and even then not always.

What is more characteristic of abstract art ? In the first place - is the internal status of the artist , its culture , its flow of thoughts, images . Second - unconsciousness . The artist is not fully aware of what will make on this canvas . Third - creativity , imagination . Fourth - mastery . Let us all - still a closer look at the above said .

Modern abstract art can be virtually represented as four sides of the black square of Malevich:

  • Abstract - Quality of freedom
  • Abstract - Quality of creativity
  • Abstract - Workmanship
  • Abstract - Quality time

Abstract - Quality of freedom.
Abstract - Quality of freedom implies that emancipation in the painting, which has no borders , shapes , color palette . It is on the canvas , not in the artist's life . Here abstraction bears emotional, spiritual contemplation of the artist's personality , his inner dialogue . On the canvas , with imagination, with inner vision , and , at times, and dreams. Abstract as the quality of freedom combined with the thought process of the artist, playwright writing, painting , and sometimes in violation of all canons of painting and new discoveries in the shape, color , content .

Abstract - Quality of creativity.

Beginning of the 21th century is considered to be 100 - Lethem abstractionism . Heirs of Kandinsky, Malevich , modern Russian abstractionist amaze interesting imagination , variety and skill in the field of non-figurative art .
No, I do not call those artists who imitate someone or something to take part of the already established . No, and again - no. The artist, who came up with his own style, its direction of abstraction , it is more interesting for the spectators than the rest.

Abstract - Quality of creativity can define categories 3-4 . The first novelty . The new always attracts , fascinates , disturbs , rejected or survives . It was and always will be.

Second , the ease of perception of the viewer the artist's work . Integrity of the work changes. You can re- watch , to study painting artist - abstractionist .

Third , the challenge of positive or negative associations , emotions, forcing the viewer to think , analyze, compare and express their thoughts on the product .

Fourth , the visual sensation of color , shape, spots , lines, painting , etc.

Abstract - Workmanship
Workmanship , namely the artist's skill , writing is an integral part of abstraction. Canvas and that there would be written - a creation of the artist. See how the world works . Nothing more, all in harmony and abstraction, each meter of the Earth , and so full of variety Mastery of the artist, his workmanship , methods , technical means . Materials, objects - this is the everyday necessity for the artist.
Each decimeter picture should be executed with the utmost concentration workmanship . We must exclude from abstraction :

Negligent performance.
Laziness execution.
Primitiveness of the use of technology and materials.

Abstract - Quality time

Art exists outside of time, I would not consider this fact, but the time every day contracts. Modern art neotemporalnoe must carry a such a thing as quality time. What does the artist - it consists of an abstract? These are: The time when we are working on canvas.

A time when we are thinking about a new product.
- Whereas, when we talk about his art.
- While coming exhibition.
- While people say and write about us.
- While much of our paintings will exist in the world.


Anonymous dialogue of the ideal viewer

Often the audience that comes to our exhibition , ask yourself the question - what is depicted on this canvas ? I can not help recalling the words of the great Federico Fellini : " What is this movie? - This question was asked and the answer to the maitre ' If I knew what would write a novel . "
People are interested in different abstraction rare when opinions coincide. Awareness , understanding , comparison, as the basis of intellectual abilities viewer gone into the world of the unknown , and a nice surprise .

That strayed paint on canvas,
Palette prevails over form ,
Where blue color where yellow and black ? .....

Suddenly you will find yourself in the canvas inside the canvas .
Do you believe , you live and you create humbly ....
Akin to the effects of fading .
Frozen spots on the glass.

How amazing is in the mind.
Feed neurons in the head creates an abstraction in canvas ...

Abstract work requires prior reflection. Western audiences , as opposed to our going to the exhibition certainly look into the Internet , read the information on the art style , information about the artist , etc. He wants just wants to be prepared and not casual visitors .

Curiosity - not a crime , and cultural category of man, his education, his intellect.
There are abstract paintings that are not physically transports the viewer , he shuns them, do not approach them closely, he does not like , he just spits .

Yes, there are pictures that are negative emotions. Emotions evil, not good , emotions emptiness , hopelessness. Such artists are experiencing so acute that reality that surrounds them , the emotions that they splash out on the canvas . What pictures , and such soul artists say . Maybe ! Maybe?

Abstract art creates a multidimensional thought process multidimensional associations through multidimensional forms , plastics, lines, spots , etc. How would a person preparing for the future huge flow of information , events , analysis, synthesis in the future.


Meeting with David Rou

Meeting with David Rou ( as little holidays ) occurred in his workshop , expertly furnished furniture, paintings hanging on the walls and standing on the floor.

Large guest room, where there are two sofas and an armchair , two tables for work where computers are comfortably settled . In the corner - stereo , from which constantly flowed at a low volume music in the style of jazz. It would seem that everything is standard should look like a workshop, but the feeling that came to me when I first crossed the threshold of the workshop was memorable. Feeling of elation , creative freedom , unusual paintings of classical painting and especially - abstractionism .

The second room , where David works was lined with large paintings . Paintings were everywhere - in the corners , along the walls (as he manages to work on such a small space - I asked myself the question .) One wall was adapted for work and was so splattered paint that turned into a separate abstraction.

The third room was filled from top to bottom with paintings of different sizes ( I was bursting with curiosity - at least a glimpse of the picture ) . David intentionally, in small portions to show his work , though it was rare.

In the workshop were almost always people there were many meetings and conversations about art , artists, plans section. Once, when in the workshop was a lot of artists , David said, " Here we are - artists - abstract artists . But will become an artist who takes the best from us and create such masterpieces that outshine us. " I almost jumped up and shouted, " It's me , I ! Do not you recognize me ! It is I ! I'll get better and will create masterpieces ! "

But it was just like two weeks after joining me in TSHR in section abstraction. I , as a young member of the section , was too shy to do it. But what I have a goal , have a plan in mind - to become the best . Hooray ! ! Come on! !

A year has passed . My mono performance with David Rou, ie my relationship with David underwent all phases of drama from good to bad , from bad to good , etc. We carefully stared each other aware reconciled with our difficult characters, I'm with him , he's with me . Rubbed. Talked a lot . Caucasian hot nature David always smoothed true Russian kindness, gullibility , and love not only to me but also to other members of the section of abstract art. And in this I appreciate it . He , of course, react badly to our antics , members of the section , including mine, but thanks to the wisdom that is inherent in him , he forgave all all and always . For him it was more important that a person writes what works he creates, as it grows , as it ripens . Inexplicably , like a dog's nose , he finds talented artists - abstractionist . As he does ? I still can not understand. How he could combine such diverse artists such talents and geniuses of abstraction ?

Any artist writes easily our section still lifes, landscapes and even portraits. Incapable of this , there is nothing to do in the abstract ( David Rou when he took us to a section of abstract art , classic looked carefully ) .

I , as an artist - an abstract , constantly writing and landscapes, still lifes, and portraits. This is necessary , it gives a constant growth in abstract art . I find new through classical art and embody it on canvas.

Abstract art is very passionate, mesmerizing , gives tremendous energy of life, faith, hope and love.


Geomagnetic field paintings of David Rou

Geomagnetic field paintings of David Rou fascinate his palette, smooth color transfer, the irrepressible energy of written works.

Extraordinary work "Premonition" how exactly this condition is expressed misgivings light, joyous, unusual. David did not tell us the name, but we do feel that this is "Premonition"


The first man was a painter

Newman article , written in 1947 . " The first man was an artist » («The first man was an artist») and in several other articles on the research results in a bottleneck occurs painting of ancient man. Abstract thinking, inherent in the human mind by God , visibly reflected in cave paintings .

Quintessential essay Piet Mondrian ( 1920) 'Natural reality and abstract reality »(Mondrian P.« Natural reality and abstract reality ») is that the whole of nature in its microcosm consists of real abstractions.

I specifically raised the earliest sources on the study of abstract art of the 20th century , although the topic was close to the time of Plato .

Here it would be appropriate to put those words that the great artists - abstract artists mid-20th century. Who made a magnificent contribution to the art world :

Sergei Sharshun ( 1988 1975g.g . )
Andrew Lansky ( 1902 1976g.g . )
Sergey Polyakov ( 1900 1969g.g . )
Nicholas de Stael ( 1914 1955g.g . )

Sergei Sharshun
" My paintings never completed , each picture takes my two periods - hot and craft . I see a pattern with my eyes closed , like a colorful movie. Please see in very bright colors . I do telepathic band on the canvas. It is an ornament . Very decorative . In the evening, I sign the picture. In the morning, I see - not what I start working again . "
"The artist thinks eyes."
"Picasso - the most agile hunter randomly ."
" Dali - unsurpassable virtuoso curl dead ."
" Harpsichord music of Bach and Kupersona perceive as Kandinsky and Klee painting ....... ".

Andrew Lanskoy
"I write with a figurative nature, or - more precisely - with life and always in harmony with life."
"The closer to the abstract , the more is revealed rhythm and painting approaches to music ."
" ....... Painting has always been abstract , but did not notice ... Time will take its toll , and when they cease to look for the picture apples, trees or girls - the word " abstract " disappear "

Sergey Polyakov
"I could have considered before, that abstract painting is easy. But it took me more than 10 years, used to find my style . "
" I've been looking shades , each form requires balance. It is essential shade , not a color. Van Gogh could paint the sky green , although the color does not exist in heaven . But his paintings were successful because shade was right "
"All of these artists lives matter , even Malevich . I was just shocked to see his famous " white square on a white background ." There was vibrating matter .
Then I opened the primary role ... vibration matter .... "

Nicholas de Stael
"We must always and above all do a good traditional painting - still lifes, landscapes , etc. ...... "
"Sometimes, in the abstract , I proceed from a purely real image ... "
" ...... Palette - this voice , sound, voice"

Inexhaustible source of Russian abstract art is and will be the folk art of all nationalities who inhabit Russia (toys, splint, ornaments, patterns , wooden sculpture ) . Since ancient times , fairy tales , legends , myths , epics , stories, fairy tales have been and remain our intellectual wealth . No one in the western tale of such abstract words such as " Go out there , do not know where ," " Find , do not know what ", ie abstract action , I 'm not talking about thinking.


MicroWorld of Abstraction

Since childhood I was interested in art and science . Today. With the Internet , this storehouse of ideas , ideas and information.
Every day I try to watch the news of science and wonder every time the human mind , ingenuity, intelligence , creativity, intelligence , etc.

As a child in the classroom botany we microscopically examined the structure of cells bulbs with bulbs shot film , and that's when it opened before me microcosm fantastic abstractions. Molecules , atoms, and cells, viruses , mikrokletki , a tree structure of the molecules of milk , water, earth , etc. . everything is made of abstraction , which was created by God .


Slogans of abstraction

1. All life – abstraction.

Kupriyanov Sergey

2. Everyone thinks it's just an abstraction, in fact it is a very complex creative process.

Kupriyanov Sergey

3. Abstract artists - people hit by star.

Kupriyanov Sergey

4. Abstract as the quality of freedom brings freedom of individuality, freedom of creativity, freedom of thought.

Kupriyanov Sergey

5. Abstract and I - compatible concepts.

Kupriyanov Sergey

6. Abstraction, whether it's a simple line on canvas, carries his philosophy of perception, his associative series.

Kupriyanov Sergey

7. Abstraction, like love, all the time asking paints.

Kupriyanov Sergey

8. Abstract - the reality in which they live the entire Russian people.

Kupriyanov Sergey

9. Writing abstraction - it's like a chess game with thousands of creative options moves.

Kupriyanov Sergey

10. Abstract jazz and close to each other. And there reigns Thai and improvisation.

Kupriyanov Sergey

11. Invent and write abstraction as difficult as to conquer space.

Kupriyanov Sergey

12. Do not look reality in women's logic, anyway ..... you will get the abstraction.

Kupriyanov Sergey

13. Pragmatic West will never understand abstract Russian soul.

Kupriyanov Sergey

14. All that I can not see - an abstraction.

Kupriyanov Sergey








Kiss of abstraction - is love, driven by the thought.

S. Kupriyanov

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